Bosh Solar and Electrical is a professional and experienced installer of solar panels.  Our solar panels enable you to produce your own clean and efficient electricity whilst reducing both your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Bosh Solar and Electrical only supplies equipment that has been tried and tested for Australia’s harsh conditions and able to function through the extreme range of temperatures Australia experiences. So no matter where you live, our professional team can perform a solar panel installation that will suit the conditions you live in.

We offer an extensive range of best quality solar panels of many sizes, allowing customers to easily support their power needs and budget. Choose from 60-watt solar panels to 265-watt panels.

Explore our range of solar power systems below and get in contact with our team to discuss your energy needs. We’ll be happy to recommend the best solar power system for your home, energy needs and budget, and then give you a customized quote.

Our expert team is highly-qualified and trained, you can rest assured the components, installation and workmanship will be outstanding serving you well for many years.


We have the largest range of power inverters available including String Inverters and Power Inverters

String Inverters

String Inverters helps in converting DC to AC for your home or business.  Ranging from 1.5 – 100kWs and greater, a string inverter works perfectly to fulfill your needs. String Inverters require minimal installation, reducing expense, and give ease of maintenance.

Bosh Solar and Electrical takes pride in offering string inverters with high efficiency and maximum reliability for constant power systems. Our solar string inverters are the perfect choice for residential and commercial properties.

Micro Inverters

Driven by demand from the industry and a passion for green energy, Bosh Solar and Electrical offers high quality micro inverters.  In the event of even the smallest amount of shading through tree cover, leaf debris, snow cover or a panel failure, only the individual panel itself is affected, while the others keep performing to their fullest. They are safer and easier to install because micro inverters carry lower voltages than string inverters.

Bosh Solar and Electrical provides micro inverters that are affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses. We have installed hundreds of micro inverter systems throughout New South Wales.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Bosh Solar and Electrical is dedicated to providing our customers across New South Wales with the highest solar panel cleaning at the most competitive prices. Using the safest and most effective methods for cleaning, we guarantee complete satisfaction in all we do.

Repair and Upgrade

Bosh Solar and Electrical offers a complete package for solar PV repair and upgrade. With our exclusive repair and upgrade package, you can be certain that your system is in its optimal condition.


We offer maintenance packages tailored to customer needs.  Our preventative maintenance programs will help ensure system performance and minimize disruption.

Battery Installation

We have the experience and expertise to install, safe and very reliable batteries that provide the lowest lifetime energy cost for customers. We provide the best support to meet your energy needs. Get the most from your solar panel and increase your energy independence with Bosh Solar and Electrical.