Washing of Panel

Bosh Solar and Electrical is dedicated to providing our customers across New South Wales with the highest solar panel cleaning at the most competitive prices. Using the safest and most effective methods for cleaning, we guarantee complete satisfaction in all we do.

Old System Repair and Upgrade

Bosh Solar and Electrical offers a complete package for solar PV repair and upgrade. With our exclusive repair and upgrade package, you can be certain that your system is in its optimal condition.

Maintenance (yearly or half yearly check)

We offer maintenance packages tailored to customer needs.  Our preventative maintenance programs will help ensure system performance and minimize disruption.

Battery Install

We have the experience and expertise to install, safe and very reliable batteries that provide the lowest lifetime energy cost for customers. We provide the best support to meet your energy needs. Get the most from your solar panel and increase your energy independence with Bosh Solar and Electrical.

G and Enphase

We help our clients with renewable energy solutions that deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence. Our trained and experienced professionals have the right technical knowledge to help you decide on the right solar panel system based on your specific power usage.